James Clear: 4 Changes You Can Make To Achieve Great Results

“Not taking things personally is a superpower.”

Brock Swinson
2 min readNov 27, 2023
Photo Courtesy of CNBC

James Clear is a renowned author and productivity expert celebrated for his bestselling book, “Atomic Habits,” published in 2018.

His work focuses on the science of habit formation, offering practical insights on how small changes can lead to significant results.

As a sought-after speaker, Clear shares his expertise on behavior change and personal development with diverse audiences.

What can you learn from Clear? Probably more than you’ll ever need to know, but here are a few things that stood out to me…


Take action. “When failure is expensive, plan carefully. When failure is cheap, act quickly. Motion does not equal action. Busyness does not equal effectiveness.”


Don’t take things personally. “Not taking things personally is a superpower.”

These ideas come from James Clear’s remarkable book, Atomic Habits. Buy your copy right here.


Create signals of progress. “The feedback loop — those signals of progress — they’re way too delayed, too slow to maintain motivation. Making it visual — a spreadsheet, a habit tracker, an ‘X’ on the calendar — that goes a long way to creating a signal of progress while you’re waiting for those delayed rewards to accumulate.”


Focus on the now. “Win the moment in front of you right now.”




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