How a Year of Self-Reflection Inspired a New Wave of #Vanlife

(and what this all means for things to come…)

Photo credit Nick Dunlap on UnSplash

A year ago, if you told me that my favorite restaurants, half my friends and gym would be taken from me, I would have freaked out. But not only do I not miss them, I think I might actually be happier without them.

A New, New Frontier

The rule basically is, if something doesn’t add direct value to your life, then it’s taking up space in your life and it’s important to get rid of those things. I found a van, rescued a dog, and hit the road.

A Concentrated Life

We are pretty much booked up for the year. We saw a big surge of traffic due to COVID and the fear of commercial travel. You can be in your own enclosed unit in a converted van and still go wherever you want to go, make your own food, and breathe fresh air.

Why People Choose Vanlife

Our culture, as nomads, is having these moments of space and time as humans. Virtual events can facilitate some sort of connection, but there’s nothing like a big hug from a stranger…

Vanlife During the Pandemic

We connect at a distance these days, but we’re all so much more appreciative for each human connection we can have. My personal travel plans have shifted from self-exploration to education and community support.

Alive Time vs. Dead Time

When you look at these other stories, where people are having a hard time, but willing to do something new, you just have to do it. You have to have that one day where you try it and know, maybe it’s not going to work out, but maybe it’s going to be the best thing I ever decide to do.

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