7 Mindset Hacks From Naval Ravikant

“I have lowered my identity. I have lowered the chattering of my mind.”

Brock Swinson
2 min readNov 13, 2023


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Naval Ravikant: Think tech whiz, startup matchmaker, and wisdom guru all rolled into one.

He’s the brains behind AngelList, shaping the startup world. Known for dropping gems on wealth, happiness, and personal growth.

Big on mindfulness and self-discovery, he’s like a modern philosopher for the entrepreneurial age.

What can you learn from Naval? Probably more than you’ll ever need to know, but here are a few things that stood out to me…


Defend your time. “I have lowered my identity. I have lowered the chattering of my mind. I don’t care about things that don’t really matter. I don’t get involved in politics. I don’t hang around unhappy people. I really value my time on this earth. I read philosophy. I meditate.”


Understand who you want to become. “If you’re not willing to do a wholesale, 24/7, 100 percent swap with who that person is, then there is no point in being jealous.”


Know why you want success. “The more desire I have for something to work out a certain way, the less likely I am to see the truth.”

These ideas come from Eric Jorgenson’s remarkable book on Naval, The Almanack of Naval Ravikant. Buy your copy right here.


Happiness is not the real goal. “A happy person isn’t someone who’s happy all the time. It’s someone who effortlessly interprets events in such a way that they don’t lose their innate peace.”


Create from your inner voice. “Escape competition through authenticity.”


Align your vision with your actions. “The hardest thing is not doing what you want — it’s knowing what you want.”


The only win is to keep playing. “Play iterated games. All the returns in life, whether in wealth, relationships, or knowledge, come from compound interest.”




Want more? Listen to my interview with author Eric Jorgenson right here: